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Cross Platform

Cross Platform

Works seamlessly across multiple devices and platforms - iPhones, iPads, Android Phones and tablets.

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Easy to follow

Videos & Animations

Learn and practice DBT skills using video lessons and fun animations which helps you to remember skills longer. Features over 100 videos and 200+ animations

Video and animation
Track Progress
Use it to

Track Progress

Track your progress on how you are doing and get motivated to obtain new skills.

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Practice Mindfulness with


Over 1000 meditations ranging across multiple themes from some of the best teachers in the world.

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Diary Cards
Remember skills with

Diary Card

User friendly diary card for skills and target behaviors. Summary screens to check your progress. Abilty to share with therapists and care team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have videos for each DBT skill?

Yes. We have created videos with graphics / animated graphics/ flowcharts etc. to help you acquire and remember skills better.

Can I share my diary card report?

Yes. You can share your diary card with your therapist and any of your friends and family with whom you prefer to share it with.

Do you have practice ideas for each skill?

We currently have practice ideas for most skills. Practice ideas also include audios to guide you through the practice where applicable.

Can I use DBT Worksheets?

Yes. Each skills has an Exercise section which contains all the relevant exercises (similar to worksheet) that apply to that particular skill.

Do you have a monthly subscription?

Yes. We have a monthly subscription, but we don't believe anyone can learn DBT in a month. We offer a discounted six month subscription as well as a monthly subscription depending on your choice. We have a 3-day trial period during which you can access all areas of the app for free.

Can I share my diary card with my therapist?

Yes. You can choose what to share in diary card. The app emails what you chose to share with therapist in a cleanly formatted email as well as a pdf. This helps you get better help.


A beautiful app! I have been in DBT for over 5 years. And yet I find this app very refreshing. It contains everything about DBT and accessible on my phone from anywhere. Fabulous!

Geraldine P

I was skeptical at first, but boy I was surprised. The level of detail is so great that I was blown away by the design thought out in. Every skill has a video. Diary Card is very well done. The practice ideas and exercises pretty much summed it for me. This unequivocally is best mental health app that exists today.

Michael Covey

This app is awesome in every way. Some of the meditations crash which is probably because the app is so new. The features in this app are so rich that it is totally worth it. I pay $10 / mo just for meditations in Headspace. Compared to that this is so cheap!


This app is the best DBT app. I love that I can customize my Diary Card skills and targets. Further, statistics, graphs and streak keeps me grounded with DBT Skills. There are so many features, anyone serious about keeping on track with DBT skills should use this app.

Jen Carlson

I was looking for something like this... because I no longer attend a DBT program. Couldn't have seen this at a better time. Thank you for creating something amazing!.

Laura Sanders

This app is awesome. I love that I can customize my Diary Card skills and targets. Further I can use statistics, graphs and streaks to keep me grounded with DBT skills. There are so many features, anyone serious about learning and keeping track with DBT should download this app.

Megan Smith

This is so awesome. I wish I had something like this when I started DBT. Would have thousands on therapists and the frustration of moving from one therapist to another. This is app is so thorough that you don't need anything else. I love the design usability and how easy it is to access everything.

A Google User

Fantastic! Very useful friendly. The diary card is awesome. I like the fact that I can customize skills and targets. Also for each skill / module I can add my own notes. How awesome is that? Practice ideas are great! Also ability to manage my crisis list too. Still finding many other aspects of the app. Love it

A Google User

Skill Details

Detailed description of each skill with videos and animations .

Exercises & Practice ideas

Exercises & Practice ideas to practice each skill along with audios where appropriate.

Diary Card

Intuitively designed diary card along with summary tools to help you keep track.


Save your most used skills and meditations to a favorites list for easy access later.

Crisis List

Manage your crisis survival skills so that you can access it instantly from anywhere.


Practice Mindfulness with DBT relevant meditations from world's leading teachers.